Vegan Vitamin D3

Elevating Health With Algae-Derived Vitamin D3

Vegan D3 is our groundbreaking vitamin D supplement, innovatively sourced from non-GMO microalgae. This algae-based vitamin D3 represents a major leap in dietary supplements, especially for those adhering to vegan and vegetarian diets. Our unique product not only addresses widespread vitamin D deficiency but also offers a potent 120,000 IU/g concentration, ensuring maximum efficacy with each use. Infused with MCT oil and utilizing advanced micro-encapsulation technology, Vegan D3 guarantees superior stability, absorption, and bioavailability. Its eco-friendly production and extended shelf life of 36 months make it an ideal choice for a wide range of health and wellness products, from fortified foods and beverages to nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical formulations. Vegan D3 stands as a testament to our commitment to innovative, sustainable health solutions.

Vegan D3 At A Glance


High-Potency Source:

At 120,000IU/g, Vegan D3 delivers potent health benefits in a small dose.


Algae-Based Innovation:

Sourced from non-GMO microalgae, offering a vegan-friendly alternative to traditional vitamin D3 sources.


Enhanced Stability and Bioavailability:

Utilizes microencapsulation technology, infused with MCT oil for optimal absorption and effectiveness.


Eco-Friendly and Sustainable:

Responsibly and sustainably produced year round


Versatile Applications:

Perfect for integration into various dietary supplements and fortified food and beverage products.


Extended Shelf Life:

Remarkable 36-month shelf life due to advanced formulation techniques, ensuring long-term product stability.


Gastrointestinal Comfort:

Uniquely designed to minimize stomach discomfort, a common issue with oil-based vitamin D supplements.

Advanced Technology Powering Vegan D3

Spray Draying Process

Spray Drying Process
Spray drying is a key component in the production of our Vegan D3. This innovative process transforms the liquid form of Vitamin D3, dissolved in MCT oil, into a fine, stable powder. The technique involves atomizing the Vitamin D3-infused oil into a hot air stream, rapidly evaporating the moisture, and leaving behind dry particles. This method not only enhances the shelf life of Vegan D3 but also ensures its uniformity and solubility.


The microencapsulation technology used in Vegan D3 is a testament to our commitment to advanced supplement innovation. This process involves encasing tiny droplets of Vitamin D3 oil within a protective coating, safeguarding the active ingredients from environmental factors like moisture and oxygen. This state-of-the-art technology not only protects the integrity of the Vitamin D3 but also optimizes its release and absorption in the body. The microencapsulation ensures a sustained release, allowing the oil to reach the small intestine for optimal digestion and absorption. This method significantly enhances the bioavailability of Vitamin D3 and minimizes any potential discomfort associated with oil-based supplements.

Unlocking the Potential of Vegan D3 in Your Products

RTM Drinks

Elevate your powder drink formulas with Vegan D3’s micro-encapsulated potency. Ideal for smoothies and wellness shakes, it delivers high bioavailability and seamless integration, ensuring your customers receive their daily vitamin D boost in a convenient, enjoyable form.


Enhance on-the-go convenience with Vegan D3-infused sachets. Perfect for busy lifestyles, our algae-based D3 blends effortlessly into beverages, offering a vegan solution to support bone health, immune function, and overall well-being anywhere, anytime.


Fortify plant-based and dairy milks with our eco-friendly Vegan D3. With superior stability and a long shelf life, it’s an excellent way to enrich your milk products with essential vitamin D, ensuring daily nutritional needs are met in every sip.

Meal Replacements

Integrate Vegan D3 into your meal replacement products to support holistic health. Its high-potency and enhanced bioavailability make it a key ingredient for nutritional shakes and bars, catering to the comprehensive wellness needs of your customers.

Capsules and Tablets

Optimize supplement efficacy with Vegan D3 capsules and tablets. Our microalgae-derived vitamin D3 is designed for maximal absorption and gastrointestinal comfort, making it a superior choice for dietary supplements that promote bone and immune health.

Functional Foods

Infuse functional foods with the power of Vegan D3 to meet the growing demand for health-enhancing ingredients. From breads to breakfast cereals, our algae-based vitamin D3 integrates seamlessly, offering a sustainable, vegan-friendly nutrient boost.

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