Organic Coconut Milk Powder

GoCoco® Organic Coconut Milk Powder brings the rich essence of tropical coconuts to a versatile, easy-to-use format. Crafted for quality and convenience, this agglomerated powder is a staple for manufacturers aiming to infuse a touch of creamy, coconut flavor into their culinary creations. From enriching baked goods and desserts to enhancing savory dishes and beverages, its applications are extensive and diverse. As a trusted ingredient in the industry, GoCoco® Organic Coconut Milk Powder is a reliable choice for adding a luxurious texture and taste to an array of products.

GoCoco® Coconut Milk Powder At A Glance


Premium Quality:

Made from freshly squeezed organic coconut milk for superior taste and texture.


Organic and Natural:

Composed of 75% organic coconut kernel extract, 15% organic tapioca maltodextrin, and 10% organic acacia.


Rich Creamy Texture:

Enhances products with its luxurious creamy consistency.


Ease of Integration:

Agglomerated for smooth mixing and consistent quality in every application.


USDA Organic and Kosher Certified:

Meets high standards for organic and dietary requirements.


Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free:

Aligns with various dietary preferences and health-conscious trends.

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