GoCoco® Coconut Water Powder

Elevate Hydration With Coconut Water Powder

GoCoco® Coconut Water Powder offers manufacturers a premium, natural hydration solution, derived from the essence of young coconuts. This versatile powder, available in organic and conventional forms, is ideal for crafting sports drinks, wellness beverages, and a range of food products. Rich in potassium and essential electrolytes, and low in calories, it suits various health-oriented applications. With options catering to both regular and high potassium needs, GoCoco® ensures that every product delivers authentic hydration and a refreshing taste to meet the diverse preferences of today’s health-conscious consumers.

GoCoco® At A Glance


Natural Hydration:

GoCoco® is crafted from the clear liquid of young, green coconuts, renowned for its excellent hydration properties.


Rich in Electrolytes:

High in potassium and other essential electrolytes, making it perfect for post-workout recovery and overall hydration.


Variety of Options:

Available in both organic and conventional forms, with regular and high potassium varieties to suit diverse dietary needs.


Versatile Use:

Ideal for a wide range of applications, from sports drinks to culinary creations, thanks to its subtle, natural sweetness.


No Artificial Additives:

Free from artificial flavors or preservatives, offering a pure and authentic coconut experience.

Which GoCoco® Is Right For You?

Harness the power of nature with our Organic Regular Potassium Coconut Water Powder. This blend features 93% organic coconut water concentrate and 7% organic tapioca dextrin, offering a pure, hydrating experience with the added assurance of organic integrity. It’s perfect for health-conscious brands focusing on organic ingredients, providing a naturally refreshing and subtly sweet addition to beverages and wellness products.

A perfect fit for a wide market appeal, this 100% pure Embrace the authentic essence of coconut with our 100% pure coconut water powder. Rich in natural potassium and completely free from artificial flavors or preservatives, it delivers uncompromised hydration and taste. Ideal for a broad range of products, this variant appeals to consumers valuing purity and simplicity, enhancing everything from sports drinks to culinary creations.

Elevate your product’s electrolyte content with our Organic High Potassium Coconut Water Powder. Combining 88% organic coconut water concentrate with organic tapioca dextrin and enhanced potassium levels, it’s a powerhouse of hydration. Suited for products aimed at intense hydration needs, such as endurance sports drinks or health supplements, it offers a robust and organic solution to keep consumers energized and hydrated.

Target the active and health-focused market with our Conventional High Potassium Coconut Water Powder. Boasting a 7.47% potassium concentration, this powder is a prime choice for formulations that require an extra electrolyte kick. It’s an ideal ingredient for sports and wellness beverages, offering superior hydration and a boost of essential minerals to support active lifestyles.

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