Elevating Dietary Fiber

Discover the versatility of FortiFiber®, a premium resistant dextrin syrup or powder that’s revolutionizing product formulations across the food and beverage industry. Derived from 100% tapioca starch and recognized by the USFDA as a soluble dietary fiber, FortiFiber® is your solution to multiple formulation challenges. Whether you’re seeking a robust binding agent, a sugar substitute, an enriching dietary fiber source, or a nourishing prebiotic, FortiFiber® seamlessly integrates into your products. It’s the ideal choice for creating healthier, tastier, and more appealing food items without sacrificing quality. Embrace FortiFiber® and redefine the standards of your product line.

FortiFiber® At A Glance


Premium Resistant Dextrin Tapioca Fiber:

Derived from tapioca starch, offering high-quality fiber content.


USFDA Recognized:

Classified as a soluble dietary fiber and a beneficial prebiotic.


Versatile Application:

Ideal for use in bars, gummies, beverages, and baked goods.


Sugar Replacement:

Efficiently replaces bulk in reduced-sugar products, maintaining texture and taste


Gut Health Enhancer:

Nurtures beneficial bacteria, promoting digestive wellness


Gluten-Free and Vegan:

Suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences and requirements.


FortiFiber® Syrup is a highly versatile, resistant dextrin syrup made from 100% tapioca starch, tailored for seamless integration into a variety of food and beverage products. As a liquid solution, it offers excellent binding properties and acts as an effective sugar substitute, maintaining texture and enhancing flavor. Its prebiotic benefits and soluble dietary fiber content make it a valuable addition to health-oriented formulations, promoting digestive wellness while being suitable for gluten-free and vegan diets.

FortiFiber® Powder extends the same high-quality resistant dextrin benefits as the syrup form but in a convenient, dry powder format. Ideal for dry mixes, baking, and solid food applications, it serves as a robust binding agent and dietary fiber source. The powder form ensures ease of storage and precise measurement for consistent product quality. Like the syrup, it supports gut health as a prebiotic, is recognized by the USFDA as a soluble dietary fiber, and meets the needs of gluten-free and vegan formulations.

The Solution To Your Formulation Needs

FortiFiber® excels as a binding agent in various formulations, offering exceptional consistency and texture. Its unique properties ensure that ingredients coalesce seamlessly, creating products that are both cohesive and satisfying to the palate. Ideal for bars, snacks, and baked goods, FortiFiber® guarantees structural integrity without compromising on taste or nutritional value.

In the quest for sugar reduction, FortiFiber® stands out. It effectively replaces the bulk typically lost when sugar is removed, maintaining the desired sweetness and texture. This makes it perfect for confectioneries and other applications where sugar reduction is key, yet flavor and mouthfeel are paramount.

FortiFiber® is not just an ingredient; it’s a dietary fiber powerhouse. Recognized by the USFDA, it enriches products with the essential benefits of soluble dietary fiber. Incorporating FortiFiber® boosts the nutritional profile of your products, enhancing their appeal to health-conscious consumers.

As a prebiotic, FortiFiber® nurtures gut health by promoting beneficial bacteria. This functionality makes it more than just an ingredient – it’s a contributor to overall wellness. Integrating FortiFiber® into your products supports digestive health, appealing to consumers seeking food that not only tastes great but also offers significant health benefits.

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