ElderBerry Extract Powders

ElderMax™ is our premium elderberry powder line, sourced directly from the arctic forests of Finland. Our range includes both conventional and organic elderberry powders, distinguished by a high concentration of 7% anthocyanins. This specification is met through a controlled ethanol-water extraction and chromatographic purification process, ensuring consistent product purity and potency. ElderMax™ elderberry powders are ideal for manufacturers seeking to incorporate a natural, efficacious ingredient into their health and wellness products. With proven antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, ElderMax™ is suitable for a variety of applications, including those aimed at enhancing cognitive function, sleep quality, stress management, and metabolic health.

ElderMax™ At A Glance


Rich in Anthocyanins:

Contains 7% natural spectrum anthocyanins for maximum health benefits.


High-Quality Extraction:

Produced via ethanol-water extraction followed by chromatographic purification.


Highly Soluble:

99.9% water-soluble, facilitating easy integration into various formulations.


Vibrant Color:

Offers a deep, dark purple color, enhancing the visual appeal of end products.


Clinically Supported Benefits:

Enhances sleep, cognitive performance, stress management, athletic recovery, and metabolic health.


Certified Quality:

Kosher, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free, catering to a wide range of dietary preferences.


Varieties to Suit Your Needs:

Available in both Conventional and Organic options with consistent anthocyanin levels.

Meet The Series

Our Conventional ElderMax harnesses the natural benefits of Sambucus Nigra L. elderberries, offering a robust 7% anthocyanin concentration. This variant is processed using our standard ethanol-water extraction method, ensuring a high-quality product suitable for a wide array of health and wellness applications.

Our Organic ElderMax variant maintains the same high concentration of 7% anthocyanins, sourced from organically grown Sambucus Nigra L. elderberries. This product aligns with the growing demand for organic ingredients, offering the same health benefits with an assurance of organic cultivation and processing.

How Can ElderMax™ Enhance Your Product Line?

Beverages and Juices

Sip the Power of Elderberries

ElderMax™ is perfect for enriching beverages and juices with its high anthocyanin content. Its natural antioxidant properties make it ideal for detox drinks, immune-boosting smoothies, and health-oriented juices. The water-soluble nature and vibrant dark purple color enhance both the nutritional profile and visual appeal of the beverages. Whether it’s a refreshing elderberry-infused sparkling water or a nutritious fruit juice blend, ElderMax™ adds value with its health benefits and appealing color.

Nutritional Supplements

Boost Wellness in Every Dose

Incorporate ElderMax™ into supplements to harness its full spectrum of health benefits. Its anthocyanins support the immune system, reduce inflammation, and enhance cellular recycling. ElderMax™ fits seamlessly into capsules, gummies, shots, and lozenges, making it an excellent choice for products aimed at improving sleep, cognitive functions, and metabolic health, in addition to providing robust immune support.

Sports Nutrition

Fuel Your Fitness Naturally

ElderMax™ stands out in sports nutrition goods for its comprehensive health benefits. While supporting the immune system, it also aids in reducing inflammation and enhances cellular health, vital for athletes’ recovery and performance. Incorporating ElderMax™ into sports-related products like protein bars and recovery drinks offers added value by improving metabolic function and supporting overall wellness, alongside boosting athletic performance.

Superfood Blends

Supercharge Your Superfoods

Incorporate ElderMax™ into your superfood blends for a rich boost in anthocyanins, enhancing immune support and overall wellness. It’s an excellent source of antioxidants, promotes cognitive health, and aids in sleep improvement. Additionally, ElderMax™ plays a key role in stress reduction and supporting metabolic function. Its deep purple hue adds an attractive visual dimension to your products, making them visually appealing and nutritionally superior.

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