Collagen-Building Peptide Powder

Discover CollaVegan®, the innovative solution in vegan collagen-building peptides. This unique formula combines hydrolyzed rice and pea protein peptides with hydroxyproline from non-GMO corn, enriched with concentrated lemon essence for natural vitamin C and fermented hyaluronic acid. Designed to effectively promote skin type 1 collagen production, CollaVegan® enhances skin health and elasticity. Its allergen-free, mild-flavored, and highly soluble composition makes it ideal for a variety of dietary supplements and food and beverage products. Embracing ethical and sustainable values, CollaVegan® offers a vegan, cruelty-free, and non-GMO alternative, aligning with the growing demand for responsible health and beauty solutions.

CollaVegan® At A Glance


Vegan Collagen Building:

CollaVegan® is an innovative vegan collagen-building peptide powder, offering a plant-based alternative to traditional collagen supplements.


Unique Blend with Hydroxyproline:

CollaVegan® comprises a unique blend of hydrolyzed rice and pea protein peptides, enhanced with concentrated lemon essence for natural vitamin C, and includes hydroxyproline sourced from non-GMO corn. This addition ensures a complete skin type 1 collagen profile, crucial for effective collagen synthesis and skin health.


Allergen-Free Formula:

Free from common allergens like soy, egg, and dairy, making it suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences.


Mild Flavor:

Known for its mild flavor compared to other collagen products, making it ideal for inclusion in a variety of food and beverage products.


Improves Skin Health:

Specifically designed to boost skin type 1 collagen production, promoting healthier and more youthful-looking skin.


CollaVegan® represents the forefront of vegan collagen alternatives. Its groundbreaking formula combines hydrolyzed rice and pea protein peptides with hydroxyproline derived from non-GMO corn. This blend not only mimics the structure of traditional collagen but does so entirely from plant-based sources.

We enrich CollaVegan® with concentrated lemon essence, a natural source of vitamin C, crucial for collagen synthesis. Additionally, it contains fermented hyaluronic acid, boosting its skin-hydrating and rejuvenating properties. This synergistic blend ensures that CollaVegan® goes beyond mere supplementation, actively contributing to skin health and elasticity.

CollaVegan® is the ideal choice for enhancing a wide array of dietary supplements and food and beverage offerings. Its exceptional solubility and neutral flavor profile ensure effortless integration into your products, delivering plant-based nutritional benefits without compromising on taste or quality

In an era where consumers are increasingly conscious of ethical and sustainable sourcing, CollaVegan® stands as a product that aligns with these values. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and non-GMO, appealing to a broad segment of the market seeking ethical beauty and health solutions.

Explore the Versatility of CollaVegan®

Nutritional Supplements

Optimized for Easy Formulation

CollaVegan® is a formulator’s dream for nutritional supplements. Its low molecular weight ensures high bioavailability, crucial for effective supplementation. The powder’s excellent compatibility with capsules and tablets, coupled with its ability to blend seamlessly into powder mixes, makes it an effortless addition to your supplement line. Its complete amino acid profile, including high levels of glycine and proline, mirrors human collagen, offering a superior plant-based alternative for collagen support.

Functional Beverages

Seamless Integration into Beverages

Designed for functional beverages, CollaVegan® boasts exceptional solubility and a mild flavor profile. Whether you’re crafting protein shakes, smoothies, or health-centric drinks, its easy dispersability ensures a smooth, clump-free texture, enhancing the consumer experience. Ideal for clear and opaque liquids, it maintains stability and consistency across a wide range of beverage applications, making it a highly versatile choice for drink formulations.

Food Products

Versatile Use in Food Applications

CollaVegan® stands out in food product formulation due to its neutral taste and hypoallergenic nature. Perfect for nutrition bars, baked goods, and alternative dairy products, it enhances the nutritional value without altering flavor profiles. Its stability under various cooking conditions and low water and oil binding capacity make it an adaptable ingredient for a diverse range of culinary creations, adding functional value to everyday foods.

Standalone Powder

Ideal for Direct Consumption

CollaVegan® excels as a standalone powder, offering a straightforward, no-fuss solution for direct consumer use. Its fine texture and mild flavor make it an appealing option for those who prefer a simple, mixable format. Easily dissolvable in both hot and cold liquids, it’s perfect for quick integration into daily beverages like coffee, tea, or water. This versatility allows consumers to effortlessly incorporate CollaVegan™ into their routine, making it a practical and convenient choice for boosting collagen production with minimal preparation.

Sensory Evaluation of CollaVegan™ vs. Other Vegan Collagen Materials

In a sensory evaluation study, CollaVegan® was compared against two other vegan collagen materials: plant protein peptides complex and amino acid blends. The study involved 30 health-conscious subjects, experienced in using collagen products, who assessed the odor and taste of these vegan collagen materials in powder form. Each sample was evaluated separately, followed by a one-minute interval, allowing subjects to provide their feedback through a detailed sensory evaluation questionnaire.

The study also included an assessment of the vegan collagen materials in a liquid form. For this, 10 grams of each powder were dissolved in 100 ml of water. Participants first evaluated the olfactory characteristics of the solutions, followed by a taste test where they sampled 5 ml of each liquid. Between each tasting, subjects cleansed their palate with water to ensure an unbiased assessment. Similar to the powder form, their sensory experiences were recorded via questionnaires.

The results of the sensory evaluation were notably in favor of CollaVegan®. In both the powder and liquid forms, CollaVegan® was found to be significantly more pleasing in terms of odor and taste compared to the other vegan collagen materials tested.
Olfactory Satisfaction:
An overwhelming majority of participants, 100% for the powder and 93% for the liquid, reported that CollaVegan® did not have any unpleasant smell. Its olfactory satisfaction score was 3-5 points higher than its counterparts.
Taste Satisfaction:
CollaVegan® also excelled in taste, scoring 3-4 points higher than the other materials in both forms. It was unanimously agreed upon by the subjects that CollaVegan® offered the best taste among the three vegan collagen materials tested.


This study employed a one-group pretest-posttest design to investigate the effects of CollaVegan® on skin health. The participants were 25 healthy women between the ages of 31 and 55. Each subject consumed one sachet of CollaVegan® (2.5g per sachet) twice daily, before breakfast and bedtime, for four weeks. The study measured skin conditions, including oil content, hydration, elasticity, and collagen content at the beginning and end of the trial with a specialized skin measuring instrument. Additionally, changes in facial skin texture and fine lines were documented through photographs.

The results observed in the 4th week of the clinical trial indicated significant improvements in the skin conditions of the subjects:

  • Oil Content Reduction: Cheeks (25%), Around Eyes (26%)
  • Increased Hydration: Cheeks (28%), Around Eyes (26%)
  • Enhanced Elasticity: Cheeks (21%), Around Eyes (17%)
  • Collagen Content Increase: Cheeks (14%), Around Eyes (33%)

These results indicate that CollaVegan® significantly improves skin oiliness, hydration, elasticity, and collagen content, contributing to overall skin health.

The study also assessed the impact of CollaVegan® on the skin’s surface characteristics and texture.

  • Surface Flatness: Post-supplementation, skin surface showed reduced uneven and sharp peaks,
    indicating increased smoothness.
  • Texture Improvement: Measurable enhancements in skin texture and reduction in fine lines
    were noted.

The findings suggest that CollaVegan® not only enhances the skin’s internal health but also visibly improves its external appearance, leading to a smoother and finer skin texture.

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