Beyond Oats™

Premium Oat Milk Powder

Discover Beyond Oats™, expertly crafted oat milk powder available in both conventional and organic varieties. Created through natural enzymatic processing, our product captures the true essence of oats, offering a rich, creamy texture and a distinct milky flavor. Beyond Oats™ is designed for outstanding solubility and stability, making it perfect for a wide range of applications. From enhancing beverages to enriching culinary creations, Beyond Oats™ provides manufacturers with a versatile, plant-based alternative that excels in taste, texture, and quality. Choose Beyond Oats™ for a sustainable, dairy-free ingredient that meets diverse consumer preferences.

Beyond Oats™ At A Glance


Two Varieties for Flexibility:

Available in both conventional and organic options to cater to diverse market preferences.


Natural Enzymatic Processing:

Preserves the nutritional and sensory qualities of oats, ensuring a natural oat experience.


Exceptional Solubility and Stability:

Ideal for a wide range of applications, from beverages to baked goods.


Rich, Creamy Texture and Flavor:

Offers a luxurious mouthfeel and pleasant taste akin to traditional dairy milk.



A great alternative for consumers with dairy, soy, or gluten sensitivities.


High-Quality Manufacturing:

Produced in the USA, ensuring consistent quality and reliability.

Choose Your Oat

This standard version encapsulates the natural goodness of oats, offering a classic, creamy texture and a naturally sweet flavor. It’s an excellent choice for manufacturers looking to integrate a high-quality oat milk powder into their products.

Catering to a growing market for organic products, this USDA Certified Organic variety meets the highest standards for organic purity. It appeals to health-conscious consumers who prioritize organic ingredients without sacrificing the rich, creamy taste and versatile application of oat milk powder.

Discover the Diverse Applications of Beyond Oats

Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives

Revolutionizing Dairy-Free Alternatives

Beyond Oats is ideal for creating exceptional plant-based dairy alternatives like oat milk and yogurt. With its slightly sweet taste and excellent solubility, it retains the wholesome essence of oats, enriching products with natural flavor and nutrition. Use it in formulations ranging from 5-12% to achieve the desired creamy texture and nutritional profile in dairy-free beverages and foods.


Elevate Beverages with Beyond Oats

Transform your beverage lineup with the unique qualities of Beyond Oats. This versatile oat powder enhances a variety of drinks, from coffees and teas to smoothies, adding a nutritious boost and a touch of natural sweetness. Its outstanding solubility and stability in both hot and cold liquids make it a seamless addition, providing a creamy texture and enriching the flavor profile of your beverages.

Bakery and Snack Foods

Nutritious Meal Solutions with Beyond Oats

Incorporate the natural goodness of Beyond Oats into your bakery and snack food creations. It’s an excellent choice for adding nutritional value and a subtle oat flavor to bread, muffins, cookies, and nutrition bars. The enzymatic processing of Beyond Oats™ ensures that the natural oat essence is preserved, enhancing the taste and texture of your baked goods and snacks while maintaining their nutritional integrity.

Dry Beverage Mixes and Bars

Optimize Dry Mixes and Bars with Beyond Oats

Enhance your dry beverage mixes and bar formulations with Beyond Oats. It offers additional nutritional, flavor, and textural benefits, making it a versatile ingredient for powdered drink mixes and snack bars. The natural sweetness and nutritional profile of Beyond Oats, along with its solubility, make it a standout ingredient, ideal for consumers seeking convenient, healthful, and tasty options

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