TruSweet® Monk Fruit Powder

Monk Fruit: Your Sweetening Solution

TruSweet® monk fruit powder stands as a premier sweetener, expertly derived to cater to the evolving needs of today’s manufacturers. Offering both organic and conventional options, it provides up to 300 times the sweetness of sugar, yet remains low in calories. This sweetener is not only versatile, instantly mixing in various recipes and beverages, but also health-conscious, free from gluten and common allergens. TruSweet® ensures a genuine sweet flavor, making it a preferred choice for manufacturers seeking a healthier, natural sweetening solution in their product range.

TruSweet® At A Glance


Low-Calorie Sweetener:

Ideal for health-conscious products, offering sweetness without the extra calories.


Organic and Conventional Grades:

Versatile options to suit diverse manufacturing needs and consumer preferences.


High Mogroside V Content:

Standardized at 25% or 50%, ensuring consistent and potent sweetness.


Natural Sweet Flavor:

Delivers a pleasing taste without an aftertaste, perfect for enhancing product palatability.


Simple Ingredient List:

Appeals to the growing trend of clean label products.

Choose Your Sweetener

Ideal for subtle sweetness, this monk fruit extract powder offers a 25% Mogroside V content. Perfect for manufacturers who aim for moderate sweetness with all the benefits of monk fruit.

Combining organic purity with a delicate sweet profile, this variant provides 25% Mogroside V content, catering to organic product lines without overpowering sweetness.

Designed for a more intense sweetening experience, this monk fruit extract powder boasts a 50% Mogroside V content, suitable for formulations requiring stronger sweetness with minimal quantity.

This organic option delivers a potent 50% Mogroside V concentration, offering a robust sweetness in an organic format, ideal for premium health-conscious products.

What is Mogroside V?

Mogroside V is the key compound in monk fruit that imparts its extraordinary sweetness. It’s a natural sweetener and a type of glycoside, unique to monk fruit, responsible for its sweetness that is up to 300 times greater than sugar. Unlike regular sugar, Mogroside V doesn’t raise blood glucose levels, making it a healthier alternative and a boon for diabetic-friendly formulations. It’s also calorie-free, contributing to its popularity in low-calorie and dietetic products. In TruSweet®, Mogroside V is carefully extracted and standardized, ensuring consistent sweetness and quality in every batch, making it a reliable ingredient for manufacturers.

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