TruSweet® IMO

Natural Sweetness Redefined

Welcome to TruSweet® IMO – the ultimate choice for natural sweetness and nutritional enrichment! Our premium line of IMO (Isomalto-oligosaccharide) products are crafted to deliver the perfect balance of taste and health benefits. Derived from natural sources like corn, peas, and tapioca, our range includes both conventional and organic options. TruSweet® IMO products are designed to cater to a wide array of dietary needs, ensuring versatility for various culinary applications. Embrace the goodness of TruSweet® IMO – your go-to choice for enhancing your food and beverage creations.

TruSweet® IMO At A Glance


Multiple Formats:

Available as both powder and syrup, facilitating flexible application in various formulations.


Varied Plant Sources:

Sourced from corn, peas, and tapioca, offering a range of base ingredients for diverse product profiles.


Organic & Conventional Options:

Catering to different market demands with both organic and conventional choices.


Low Glycemic Index:

Ideal for formulations targeting consumers managing blood sugar levels.


Ease of Incorporation:

Designed for simple integration into recipes, supporting consistency and flavor.

Choose Your IMO


A corn-based sweetener and fiber source.

Pea-derived, offering sweetness and fiber.

Organic, pea-based for health-conscious formulations.

Tapioca-origin for versatile applications.

Organic tapioca-based powder.


Fiber-rich syrup, gentle on the gut.

Corn-derived syrup blending sweetness and fiber.

Pea-sourced, versatile for culinary uses.

Organic pea-derived syrup.

Tapioca-based, ideal for sweetening.

Organic tapioca syrup for diverse uses.

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