North American Pea Protein

PeaPro™ epitomizes excellence in plant-based nutrition, offering a comprehensive range of pea protein isolates that are 100% North American grown and manufactured. This series is designed to meet diverse manufacturing requirements, providing options that cater to different texture, solubility, and application needs. Each variant in the PeaPro™ line is developed with meticulous attention to quality, ensuring they deliver not only superior nutrition but also functional versatility. Whether for beverages, bars, or other food products, PeaPro™ stands as a testament to our dedication to sustainable sourcing and innovation in plant-based protein solutions.

PeaPro™ At A Glance


Protein Purity:

Contains a minimum of 80% protein on a dry basis, offering a high concentration of quality plant-based protein.
Versatile Applications: Excellently suited for both food and beverage applications, PeaPro’s neutral taste and texture


Variety Options:

Available in both conventional and organic forms to cater to diverse consumer preferences and market demands.


Source and Quality:

Sourced from 100% Canadian non-GMO yellow peas, ensuring a product of the highest quality and sustainability.


Nutritional Profile:

Rich in essential amino acids and easily digestible, supporting overall health and well-being.
Eco-Friendly: Produced with a reduced carbon footprint, aligning with environmentally conscious consumer values.


Regulatory Compliance:

Meets stringent food safety standards, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy ingredient for your formulations.

Meet The Series

The original PeaPro™ is a testament to versatility and functionality in food manufacturing. Ideal for a range of food applications, this isolate boasts low water and oil binding properties, making it perfect for creating products that require consistent texture and moisture balance. From protein bars to baked goods, PeaPro™ integrates seamlessly, enhancing nutritional value without compromising on quality or taste.

PeaPro™ XS is engineered for exceptional solubility, making it the ideal choice for beverage applications. Its ability to dissolve smoothly and completely ensures a clump-free experience, perfect for ready-to-drink shakes, smoothies, and other liquid formulations. This variant offers manufacturers the flexibility to create clear, refreshing, and nutrient-rich beverages that appeal to health-conscious consumers.

Organic PeaPro™ is our response to the growing demand for organic, plant-based ingredients. This organic pea protein isolate is specially designed for applications requiring lower viscosity and optimal suspension. Its hydrolyzed form and neutral flavor profile make it a superb choice for ready-to-drink and dry beverage mixes, offering a sustainable and organic protein solution that meets the stringent standards of health-focused consumers and organic product manufacturers.

Which PeaPro™ Is Right For Your Formulation?


PeaPro™ XS: A Revolution in Beverage Formulation

Ideal for protein shakes, smoothies, and other health-focused drinks, PeaPro™ XS guarantees a smooth, clump-free texture, enhancing the consumer experience. Its ability to dissolve seamlessly, coupled with a neutral flavor profile, makes it an excellent choice for both dairy and non-dairy beverages. Catering to health-conscious consumers and the clean label trend, PeaPro™ XS is the go-to protein solution for innovative and nutritious beverage products.

Food Products

PeaPro™: Elevating Culinary Creations

Renowned for its low water and oil binding properties, PeaPro™ integrates seamlessly into a diverse range of culinary applications. Whether you’re crafting protein-rich nutrition bars, enhancing the protein content of baked goods, or developing innovative plant-based meals, PeaPro™ offers consistent texture and exceptional nutritional value. Its neutral taste and hypoallergenic nature make it a prime ingredient for food manufacturers looking to meet the dietary preferences of a broad audience, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free markets.

Why Choose North American Pea Protein?

  • Assured Quality and Safety Standards: North American pea protein, like our PeaPro™, adheres to stringent quality control and safety standards. The rigorous agricultural and manufacturing practices in North America ensure a product that is consistently high in quality, free from contaminants, and produced under ethical conditions. This contrasts with imported sources where such standards may vary or be less transparent.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Choosing a locally sourced product like PeaPro™ significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation. By opting for North American pea protein, businesses and consumers contribute to more sustainable consumption practices, which is increasingly important in today’s environmentally conscious market.
  • Avoiding International Trade Risks: With global trade landscapes constantly changing, depending on international sources for pea protein can lead to unforeseen disruptions. Tariffs, trade disputes, and shipping delays are just some risks associated with imported goods. PeaPro™, being sourced and manufactured in North America, circumvents these risks, offering a more reliable supply chain.
  • Stability in Pricing: In light of the recent trade measures against imported Chinese pea protein, North American-sourced PeaPro™ offers stability in both pricing and supply. The new countervailing and antidumping duties expected to raise costs for Chinese imports by $4 to $6 per kilogram highlight the economic unpredictability of relying on imported sources. North American production ensures a more stable and predictable market for pea protein.

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