Revolutionizing Muscle Growth With Essential Amino Acids

NuMuscle™ is a scientifically advanced blend of essential amino acids, meticulously formulated to deliver an optimal ratio for superior muscle growth and health. This patented blend is the result of extensive clinical research, distinguishing itself by being more effective than traditional branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), generic essential amino acids, and whey protein. Ideal for a range of applications, NuMuscle™ not only caters to athletes seeking peak performance but also supports the elderly, aids in weight management, and accelerates post-surgery recovery. Its fast absorption and clear solubility make it a prime choice for formulators who want to provide their end users with a high-quality, versatile amino acid solution.

NuMuscle™ At A Glance


The Muscle Multiplier:

NuMuscle’s unique formulation and concentrated power position it as a leading choice for effective muscle support in the health and wellness market.


Backed by Extensive Research:

Developed from insights gathered across 26 focused studies, ensuring the optimal balance of amino acids for maximum muscle gains.


Easy Integration:

Ideal for beverages, its clear and soluble nature allows for easy incorporation into various products.


Unmatched Protein Quality:

Exhibits an exceptional 321% DIAAS score, emphasizing its superior quality and effectiveness over conventional protein supplements.


Inclusive Health Benefits:

Vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, NuMuscle™ is free from common allergens, catering to diverse dietary needs and lifestyles.


Highly Potent Formula:

A mere 3.6g serving of NuMuscle™ equates to the muscle-building power of 56g of whey protein, making it exceptionally potent.

How Does NuMuscle™ Stand Out Among Protein Supplements?

NuMuscle™ represents a pinnacle in muscle health innovation, developed through the meticulous analysis of 26 clinical studies. This unparalleled amino acid blend, fine-tuned over 12 years, caters to a wide spectrum of ages, delivering optimized muscle-building and health-enhancing benefits. The precision and dedication embedded in our exclusive formula guarantee exceptional and unrivaled results.

Our comprehensive research spans diverse demographics and age groups, with muscle biopsy analysis confirming the formula’s effectiveness across the board.

NuMuscle™ sets a new standard in muscle protein synthesis, outperforming traditional whey protein isolate. For every gram consumed, NuMuscle™ has been clinically proven to generate an impressive 2.8 grams of muscle protein, a 15x increase compared to the 0.18 grams typically produced by whey protein isolate. At the reconmended 3.6g dosage, you would have to consume 56g of whey protein to achieve the same effect!

Through comparative analysis, NuMuscle™ demonstrates a remarkable superiority over BCAAs, showcasing an astounding 32x greater efficiency in stimulating muscle protein synthesis. Research has additionally shown that unoptimized EEA blends require over 4x the dosage to achieve the same rate of MPS. This unprecedented level of effectiveness sets a new benchmark in muscle development science.

NuMuscle™ is the ideal choice for manufacturers aiming to elevate their beverages with a high-quality protein addition. Its remarkable solubility ensures a smooth, seamless blend, eliminating concerns about clumping or altering the beverage’s appearance. This fast-absorbing formula integrates effortlessly into a variety of drinks, offering a superior solution for enhancing nutritional value without compromising taste or texture.

NuMuscle™ is expertly formulated to cater to a broad spectrum of consumers, making it an ideal addition for manufacturers targeting inclusive health and wellness markets. This vegan and Non-GMO protein blend is carefully crafted to exclude common allergens like gluten, soy, eggs, dairy, and sugar. It’s designed to seamlessly fit into any product line, offering a versatile, high-quality protein option that meets the diverse dietary needs and preferences of consumers globally.

The World's Most Study Backed Amino Acid Blend

Clinical Studies To Support Your Formulation

NuMuscle™ represents a culmination of extensive research and development. The initial phase of research, encompassing studies 1-18, focused on refining the amino acid ratio to create the optimal blend. Following this, studies 19-26 were conducted on the perfected formulation, confirming its effectiveness across multiple objectives and diverse demographics. These studies were rigorously designed with control groups to ensure scientific validity, providing robust evidence of the formulations benefits in various applications.

For Athletes

Turbo charge For Athletic Blend

Study 25

NuMuscle™ enhances athletic performance, as demonstrated in Study 25. This study found significant improvements in muscle size, quality, and protein turnover in adults undergoing high-intensity interval training combined with NuMuscle™ supplementation.

For The Elderly

Sustain Strength In Senior Years

Studies 19, 20, and 22

NuMuscle™ enhances athletic performance, as demonstrated in Study 25. This study found significant improvements in muscle size, quality, and protein turnover in adults undergoing high-intensity interval training combined with NuMuscle™ supplementation.

Weight Management

Low Calorie Muscle Support

Study 26

Study 26 highlights the role of NuMuscle™ in weight management and endurance training. During energy deficits, it maintains whole-body protein status and supports muscle health, making it an essential supplement for effective weight management strategies.

Post-Surgery Recovery

Stimulate Faster Recovery

study 23

Study 23 underscores the efficacy of NuMuscle™ in post-surgical recovery. Patients following hip arthroplasty observed a 35% improvement in leg muscle strength and 64% greater recovery compared to usual care, indicating its significant role in expedited muscle strength recovery.

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