MCT Oil Powder

Discover MCTMax™, our premium range of MCT oil powders, expertly crafted for seamless integration into diverse product formulations. Derived exclusively from 100% coconut oil, MCTMax™ is the ideal ingredient for manufacturers seeking to enrich their products with the numerous health benefits of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). Our line offers a variety of formulations, each designed to meet specific dietary and health needs, including options perfect for ketogenic-friendly products. Enhance your offerings with MCTMax™, the versatile, high-quality ingredient that supports both wellness and consumer satisfaction.

MCTMax™ At A Glance


100% Coconut Oil Source:

Guarantees natural, high-quality MCTs for your products.


Formulation Flexibility:

Tailored options to suit various health and dietary products.


Rapid Absorption and Metabolism:

Ideal for energy-boosting products, supporting fast and efficient metabolism.


Certified Quality:

Non-GMO and Kosher-certified, ensuring broad consumer appeal.


Application Versatility:

Perfect for a wide range of products including protein powders, health bars, and beverages.



Suitable for consumers with dietary restrictions, widening market reach.

Choose Your MCT

Contains 65-75% organic MCT oil and 25-35% organic acacia gum. This vegan-friendly formulation has no net carbohydrates and excels in water dispersibility. It’s ideal for use in ketogenic diets and can be integrated into protein powders, coffee, and smoothies.

Shares the same composition and benefits as the organic version, suitable for ketogenic diets and a variety of food applications.

A blend of 45-55% MCT oil and tapioca starch, offering allergen-free and vegan suitability. It’s an excellent choice for food products and as a healthy creamer alternative.

Combines 45-55% organic MCT oil, 35-45% organic acacia gum, and 5-15% organic ghee, making it suitable for lacto-vegetarians and keto diets.

The Health Benefits Of MCT Oil Powder

Enhanced Energy Metabolism

MCTs are rapidly absorbed and metabolized, providing an immediate source of energy. They bypass the usual digestion process of fats, making them an efficient energy booster. Ideal for active lifestyles and those seeking a quick energy lift.

Weight Management Support

MCTs aid in weight management by promoting a feeling of fullness and preventing fat storage. They increase energy expenditure and can reduce appetite, making them a valuable component in weight management and fitness products.

Cognitive Function Enhancement

MCTs are known to provide a quick source of energy for the brain, potentially enhancing cognitive functions like focus, memory, and concentration. This makes MCTs an excellent ingredient for brain health supplements and functional foods.

Heart Health Benefits

Incorporating MCTs into the diet can support heart health. They help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and can provide a heart-healthy source of energy, beneficial for cardiovascular health-focused products.

Gut Health and Digestion

MCTs can improve gut health by balancing microbiota and providing a source of energy for intestinal cells. This supports a healthy digestive system, making MCTs a valuable ingredient for gut health supplements and functional foods.

Supports Ketogenic Diets

MCTs are a key component in ketogenic diets, providing fats that are quickly converted into ketones. They are ideal for keto-friendly products, offering an excellent source of energy without breaking ketosis.

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